Merry Christmas!!!!!


Nothing like a 7 hour layover to finally get me to update here again. My apologies for being blog-MIA for a while. The end result: Super short recap! Ok, not that short.

Basically the reason I wasn’t writing was because I had such a crazy month and didn’t know how to write about it yet. Biggest news – I met my birth family in Korea! It was a surreal and emotional event, from meeting at the adoption agency with my case worker and parents, going to my birth city Daegu to meet an aunt and my 4 brothers and sisters to celebrate my birthday, and then going down for some of my last days in Korea to stay with them (and truly feel the reality of the language barrier!!) If you are even reading my blog, I have probably already talked to you about most of this anyway, but I can’t exactly leave it out of my updates now!! I am really open about talking about it all, which is probably also sort of therapeutic to do, so feel free to ask questions next time we speak.

In other news, November of course had more hikes and also brought me some visitors from the US!

Kyung Hee University organized a class trip to Seoraksan (3rd time for me ha!) but it got rained out so we mostly just ate food and took silly pictures. It was nice to hang out with my classmates outside of class for once though.


My friend Jiwon and I also finally hiked Bukhansan, the mountain north of Seoul, with Climbing in Korea. I have really come to be fond of this hiking group – seeing a few familiar faces over the past few excursions. It is a nice mix of long-term expats with a lot of Koreans, and if I were staying in Korea longer, I would definitely continue meeting up with them. This hike was really fun because we got to use ropes to climb up some of the steep slopes, did a mini yoga session on top (and nap), and afterwards got some delicious Korean BBQ!!!

Then Sam and Scott came to visit so we did some Seoul exploring, yummy food eating, and finally got down to Busan too! In short, fun times all around.

I actually am not totally sure where all the days of December went… I took my final exam for my Korean course (good scores, woohoo!) and met up with friends to say goodbye in Seoul, Suwon, Jeonju and with my family in Daegu.

Next stop: Hong Kong! (This actually has come and gone already but my hands are tired of typing for now)

Next next stop: Myanmar!


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