Last stop was Chuncheon. Near some lakes and mountains, it is another good base for outdoor activities, but we didn’t make it there…. only to eat some yummy dalkgalbi spicy chicken stir-fry!

The hotel was a bit under par, but we got an upgrade on the room when the toilet didn’t flush. I had just assumed it was a problem with our inability to use the crazy complicated buttons on the panel. What am I talking about? Have you not wondered what toilets are like in other countries? Well here is a Korean toilet lesson.

Here, there are three types of toilets. One is your standard squat toilet over a pit (where my phone went) and another is our standard Western toilet. But the third is the most interesting. There is a panel along the side that does all sorts of thing you wouldn’t expect from a toilet. Cleaning, drying… Everywhere. Different pressure levels. And a heated seat! I haven’t experienced anything but the heated seat out of fear so far haha. Other nice features that sometimes appear are buttons on the wall to spray perfume, make water noises for “discretion” and emergency call buttons. So many things are possible in Korean toilet stalls. Anyway, here is a picture for the curious cats.


In our upgrade, we also had a desktop computer that didn’t work and an emergency line!!



Obviously we felt very safe.

Enough of the hotel though. The best was dalkgalbi street with lots of restaurants waiting for customers. We chose one on the corner that looked pretty full and where you could see the huge portions through the window. Success!


Then back to big city Seoul and the hunt for cat cafes…


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