University life again!

So many updates, but they are going to come slowly.

For the last two weeks I went travelling with Nick who came to visit from Saudi Arabia! But just before that, I went to a sports day between two rival universities in Seoul: Yonsei and Korea University. They are two of the top private universities and a French girl Celine (who stayed at the guesthouse a few weeks ago) invited me to go with her.

There were two days of competition. Football/soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, and hockey between the main teams plus a few club competitions in between. We went on Saturday for the football/soccer and rugby. Celine was told we should be there early to get in for the unreserved seats, and we ended up waiting outside the stadium for an hour and a half! Fortunately, they gave out some muffins, juice, yogurt, and milkboxes while we waited.

I would say they take university pride like we have in the US and mix it with a bit of our high school spirit. They have jackets with the school logo on it, similar to our version of letter jackets, tshirts, etc. and they also go another step and put their major program of study on it! So you could see the engineers grouped together, English studies, business, and so on.

When we finally got into the stadium I had no idea what to expect. I could hear music from outside so I thought it was some kind of opening ceremony, and when we got in, I saw dancers all along the sideline and  brightly dressed boys and girls dancing on stages, and EVERYONE in the crowd dancing along!! Not just dancing like you want, but following the same dance moves, with a lot of, shall we say rhythmic head banging- absolutely amazing. It took me a while to realize that the game had actually started! People weren’t intensely watching the match, mostly just singing and dancing along to cheer the team on together! So fun. The best way to get an idea is just to watch these videos!!!

Some Koreans got us involved so although we left lacking the words to the songs (at least in my case), we picked up some sweet dance moves!





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