Bukchon Hanok Village and other places.

WordPress is not very user-friendly from a tablet so it takes me FOREVER to get an update done. Also, I have more pictures taken on an actual camera but have failed to upload them. So here is the cheap version via phone camera and perhaps too many details you don’t need to know! I think the longer I am here and the more behind I get on updates, the shorter my summaries will be. But since I started this post last week, here is the whole story about not even last, but 2 weekends ago… Happy belated blog post!

Saturday was the day I finally could spend some time with my second Couchsurfing host, Junsik! He has hosted tons of people from all over the world, so I knew he would be a great host!


Lunch: spicy noodle soup with mussels and clams! And my first time taking off the shoes and sitting on the floor in a restaurant.

As small as the world is, I also found out that a friend from summer camp in Wisconsin circa 2002 was living in Suwon, a city just south of Seoul still connected by the subway. She was coming into Seoul for the day with some friends so we all decided to meet up! Sarah is from Illinois and her friends were from Michigan and Wisconsin! Yay Midwest! They are all teaching English and speaking to them about it reminded me that I am still not ready to go back into a classroom!!!

First, we went to the Insadong area to Bukchon village to see the traditional Korean houses called “hanoks.” Bit full of people but some nice views there of the city from the area.

Then we sampled some street food – rice juice, rice cakes in sauce, black bean noodles, shaved ice dessert, fried “stuff” which turned out to be sweet potato I think, and more rice cakes on a stick!


We stopped in a small museum about the history of schools and education in Korea. So I guess in a way I did end up in a classroom… Explanations were mostly in Korean, so even though we had two kind souls with us willing to translate, we mostly just browsed about the three rooms and saw some old books, school uniforms, models of traditional sports, and sat in tiny tiny desks!


Eventually we made our way down to the palaces. Two are sort of connected so somehow we wandered from Changdeokgung to Changgyeonggung. There are tons of walking paths around the grounds and even a secret garden you can also get access too, so I’ll have to go back again one of these days to see more. These are two of the five palaces in Seoul from the Joseon dynasty.


(I really liked this photo bomb. That man was so ready to get involved!)

There are more pictures on my camera so maybe if you are lucky I will upload them later on.

After that, we split up since the others had different dinner plans, so Junsik and I went over to the Hyehwa area (which is where I actually live now). Lights everywhere!! Cosmetic shops everywhere!


This neighborhood has the eastern part of the Seoul Fortress Wall, and we climbed up part of Naksan mountain for a view, passing through a little mural village. Mural ohotos are on the real camera, so you can see those probably in a year at the rate I am going.


Dinner was more taste testing: Korean pancake, some sausage, and as a bonus they gave us some veggies and mussel soup as an appetizer. Of course accompanied by the infamous soju!


On that Sunday, I finally moved into the guesthouse where I am working and living until December. And now I am so far behind on this blog so I’ll wrap it up and try to get another update done about being here. ! Nearly two weeks here now, but soon I will be taking off for two weeks of travelling!


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