Happy New Year!!


  1. Write more. In one of my classes this morning, we discovered that all of us have a secret passion for writing, insane idea that maybe, just maybe, someday it’d be pretty cool to write a book. I’m probably not going to for many many years if ever, but I will be self-indulgent enough to write here. For you very special, exclusive, elite readers. 🙂
  2. Read. Yes, my goals are always the same but so far, I’m sticking to this one. So far = 1 week. More specifically, read at least one fiction book a month for some imagination food, as well as one non-fiction for some intellectual stimulation. YEAH.
  3. Study. I’ve got Spanish classes twice a week, and am going to sign up for an exam by the summer time to have a certificate at the end of this all. Maybe I won’t actually go back through all these books that have piled up, but at least some of them. And free COURSERA courses!!! *plug plug plug plug* — Share the wealth — I’ve got Modern World History, Microeconomics, and Health for All lined up on my end. TEDtalks and GOOD are nice sources as well.
  4. MUSIC. Must. find. concerts. somewhere. Okay, so this might not be as possible, but we can make up for it by scouring websites for new stuff I suppose. Check out Pretty Much Amazing, Hype Machine, or Indie Shuffle. Also, The Lone Bellow is the first new group I’ve liked a lot this year. Thanks NPR.
  5. This leads towards the big study — Choose a Masters program. Still up in the air with that plan, but narrowing it down bit by bit. More TBA later.
  6. Travel. Flexible here. At least a weekend trip per month. Or one or two day trips. And when it’s impossible to go, read about another place. Favorites — Matador Network and Vagabondish. Someone said that looking out at the massive sea was the poor man’s way of travel. I like that idea. And reading. For example: Hitchhiking across Asia and couchsurfing with the Taliban.
  7. Run and climb. I know this never works but we’ll keep trying. I did run a 10K and 7K in the Fall though!
  8. Camino de Santiago. Little by little, afterall, Morgan and I were able to do 25km or so in one day when she was visiting. There are definitely more sections that I can access in the area. And then maybe the whole thing… in the summer? someday.
  9. And then all that Carpe Diem, compassion for humanity, get inspired, be who you are, live-laugh-love stuff too.
  10. This is a better number to end on so…. this can be for being open to suggestions and/or 180 changes as the year goes on.

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