In every moment

In every moment we have the ability to be who we always wanted to be.

Nearly a month later and I have yet to get those job applications out. So I’m going to talk about them some more so I get that external pressure that makes me move.

Here are the awesome organizations that I want to work for:

Carpe Diem Education

Where There Be Dragons

Backroads Trips

Take your pick. I think Where There Be Dragons is more my style, but I’m going to try for the others as well. Backroads is a bit of a longshot since I’m not an avid cyclist but a few friends work for them and say I should be fine anyways! Having an internal reference doesn’t hurt my chances either. What I love a bit more about the other two though is that they are more involvement with people, immersion in cultures, service-learning, and personal growth, rather than leading groups to tourist sites… but lots to see, do, and learn from any of them! So those are my options of non-existant job offers. We’ll see where it goes.

Plan B (or would that be Plan D?) is becoming more and more clear – South Korea. I have been talking to a few people that know others living and working there, and I think it’s about time to visit the homeland. I’ve been putting it off for some time, thinking I’ve been more interested in other places, but it’s looking more and more appealing these days. Learn about my heritage, do some nature versus nurture studies, all that fun stuff. Just kidding. But I do want to go.

Life in Vitoria is changing!! A few friends have taken off or will soon leave for other lands as well. Work is consuming my life, but I’m cutting back on my hours starting next month. Baby Eleanor is lovely as ever – she is walking and speaking her own language, soon to get some legitimate English or Spanish words out soon we hope. I think my name is something like ‘Weegle’ so far. Not bad. Full of teeth, less abusive, and just so amazing. It’s been a bit crazy, sometimes I forget that it’s not the most normal thing to be living with your best friend as she raises her child, but I absolutely love it. Learn something new every day. (No worries, I’m SO FAR away from being ready to have one of my own still)

I went to the mountain, as the students here say, the other weekend. Gorbea is one of the tallest ones in the area and we wanted to go before Aleece left for Australia. Foggiest day ever so there were no views to be seen, so I’ll have to take another trip soon, but nothing puts me in a better mood than being outside all day! We met this family on the hike, and they really gave me some motivation. They travel every year (no idea what their jobs are) to somewhere else… He’s climbed Kilamanjaro, been to the base of Everest… I want to do all of that too. I’ll have to keep him in mind even when I do ‘settle’ somewhere someday, and make sure I still make time to travel, even if I’m living the majority of my life in one place.

Other places I’ve been getting out to lately via students exchanging their cars for English (not a bad deal) – Gernika (inspiration for Picasso’s painting) where the most important TREE of Basque Country resides. It used to be a gathering place to create the laws of the land, and the PM of the region is still sworn in there. Bermeo, a seaside port town, a bit posh, learned some interesting things about the industries here – Apparantly Franco placed these corporations in the region to try to get more people from other areas of Spain to move to the area and basically breed out Basque (attempting to diminish the independence movement) and so as a result,  people created all these cooperative businesses and try to create rules to only employ locals. Seems to work well for people since Basque Country’s unemployment rate is only a fraction of the rest of the country but who knows. Last on the Vizcaya coastal tour was San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, which I know I didn’t mention last year when we went because I couldn’t spell it back then, and Barrikka beach. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is an island with a church, and 200-some steps leading out to it from the land. Gorgeous views of the ocean. I could sit out there for hours. Nothing better. Barrikka is also a gorgeous place to catch the sunset, I LOVE BODIES OF WATER. Water and trees, what else do we really ever need?

Anyways, I’ve made a pact to get out of Vitoria every Sunday from now on, so there will be lots of pictures and stories to share soon. Once I get my computer and camera functioning again.

Last but not least, I’m preparing for a 100km challenge – Trailwalker. It’s an annual walk/jog/mixture of insanity to benefit Oxfam, one of the better ones of these big NGOs in my opinion. Supporting fair trade and sustainable programs where they’re needed. I’ll be with a team of 4 people, plus 2 support team members (not fully sure what that entails yet), and we trek from the forest in Catalonia, down to Costa Brava, basically non-stop, varying your pace and taking breaks. I go back and forth between thinking this is possible or impossible, but if others do it, why not? We’ll see how it goes. We will be fundraising for it on top of the intensive training I’ll have to do – once we’re registered, I’ll request that you ever so kindly contribute a donation!!!

That’s it for now. I’ve been trying to keep up with my resolution to be in touch more, so I’ll also try to update here. And perhaps not say ‘so’ and ‘we’ll see’ so much.

Lovey love.


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