Teaching update

Still here in Vitoria-Gasteiz! Much less active on the blog since I’m in one place and not much is happening except constant work! But work is going well… or at least okay for now!

I’m still at Zador with my 2 Intermediate and 1 Advanced class. Next week I will start with another Pre-Intermediate class, which means a different book… But I have a rhythm in my other classes now, and as long as I stay up on doing the lesson planning on Fridays and over the weekend, the classes go smoothly.  About half of my students are continuing with me this next month in my Intensive class… 2 or 3 moving due to scheduling conflicts. I hope that’s the reason at least! Even though I’m bummed some of them aren’t staying in my class, a smaller class is more manageable for observing their levels and doing corrections at least.  Next week I’ll have about 6 hours of classes at Zador, Mondays-Thursdays.

Outside of the academy, I’m also doing more private classes. Two conversation classes with adults – one at a very high level and one around lower-intermediate. These are both nice because they don’t require as much preparation… just a brain full of questions and topics to talk about! And I’m also working with a 3 year old girl named Maria! Playing with her twice a week so that she continues to practice and hear English. Here the funny coincidence I learned today – The last teacher of my newest conversation student is the SAME as the former playmate/au pair of little Maria!!! Both contacted me separately and started this week. What were the chances!

Besides work, everything is going well. I’ve met a lot of other language teachers in the city – German and French too, not only English… and we are hoping to do something for Halloween since it’s not usually celebrated here. It will be nice to have a group for Thanksgiving and Christmas too since it looks like I will probably be staying here then. But then again, who knows… we’ll see how teaching is going this next month.

Another month, more hours of work… hopefully more fun too? Perhaps some weekend trips? We’ll see.


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