¡Fuerza Chile!

What an amazing day!!!

On August 5th, a mine collapsed in Chile, trapping 33 miners. On the 22nd, 17 days later, we found out that all 33 men were alive and had somehow managed to maintain the strength, cooperation, and discipline necessary to ration emergency food supplies intended for 2-3 days for over 2 weeks. After the intial celebration, it was then announced that it could be MONTHS before the miners could actually be rescued from the dark and hot conditions of the mine. It would be the longest period of entrapment endured by miners… Last year miners had been trapped for 25 days in China, and usually other rescues take about 2 weeks. Imagine the feelings of despair and uncertainty when these miners and families heard this news. They were alive and found… but time was against them. Concerns about depression or mental stability in general were floating about.

Thanks to technology, the men were able to be in communication with the outside world, keep track of time, and try to keep themselves entertained in their space below. Apart from enduring the conditions of being stuck 700 meters below ground, they received training and personnel above ground prepared for the moments during and after rescue – deciding in what order the men will be rescued, anxiety to go into the rescue tube, medical areas to monitor their condition, gradual exposure to light, how to deal with the overwhelming media…

So far 12 of the miners are back above ground and others on the way. 68 days below ground. Unbelievable. Just goes to show what how far HOPE can go.



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