Casa # ???

From Vitoria, España, here I am working on setting up a life in the latest place to call home. Vitoria is a pretty city, looking like what I’d expect from Europe. Our apartment is in walking distance from pretty much everything I need, but I can hop on the tram to visit other parts of the city too and we’re not located very far from the north coast of Spain, France, or to head back to the center of Madrid.

Current task: FIND A JOB. I dropped my resumes off at a few places today and will take it to more tomorrow. I already had an interview at one institute, so that’s promising. They are even going to look into helping me get some actual work papers so I don’t have to be like all of the other gringos working illegally. Private classes are another option and luckily Nikki has been getting a lot of referrals that don’t fit into her schedule, so I might be able to take on some of those students. I posted on a few websites today as well to put my contact information out there to do private classes. I should end up with some mixture of academy classes and private classes, and with the low rent and self-restraint from traveling, I should be able to actually start saving up again!

The only difficulty I’m having is that the spanish in Spain is SO DIFFERENT than South America. I noticed the differences in the varying countries, but I could adapt and didn’t have any issues most of the time. But here and now I am back to how I felt when I first arrived in Chile over a year ago. I feel like I can only understand about 10% of what people say to me. However, I can be understood, so I’m not completely crazy… just thrown off by the accent and the speed that they speak  which is somehow faster than Chileans (I didn’t think that was even possible). Hopefully it won’t take too long to adjust my ear.


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