Bolivia continued

Quick updates from Bolivia… Finally but still going to be short since we’ve decided to have a movie night tonight! Here’s what I’ve been doing in Bolivia since being M.I.A. on updates…

  • Spent 2.5 weeks in La Paz, exploring the city and having a good time with an amazing group of people we ran into in the hostel of doom – Wild Rover. Lots of new friends and running into a lot of people I met and know from volunteering in Pisco, Peru.
  • Managed to get out and about the city a few times – Witches Market with crazy offering objects such as llama fetuses; Park with some beautiful views of the city including a giant snowcapped mountain; Contemporary Art museum with my favorite parts being some pieces of Che
  • Cholita wrestling! Bolivian women in traditional dress wrestling other crazy Bolivian men and women in ridiculous costumes WWF fake style. Instense.
  • Shopping is crazy… black market city… Bought tons of movies and TV series box sets for less than 1$ per disc.
  • La Paz had a giant festival/parade one Saturday that went through the entire city – traditional dress and music all over all day. Lucky timing!
  • Salar de Uyuni – The salt flats I have been looking forward to for MONTHS since seeing other pictures… Our pictures will be up soon! Besides the salt flats, we saw some lagoons, geysers, and rock formations through the plains of the southwest of Bolivia. Similar to some of what I saw in Chile but FREEZING cold. Salt flats were definitely the best part!
  • Made a quick stop in Tupiza, small place but really friendly locals, surrounded by mountains and valleys that we didn’t make it out to because a friend was leaving on a flight from La Paz… so we decided to go back to give her a fun send-off! We took an overnight bus back to La Paz… supposed to be 12 hours – turned to 24.5 hours. The bus broke down in Potosi for about 5 hours, then the new bus that arrived had a tire problem so we broke down again later. Of course. Bolivian buses have a reputation for being horrible. But it only cost about $8 for the bus so what can you expect?
  • Coincidentally ran into a bunch of the same friends that we were stuck in La Paz with from before so it was not only a great last few days for Aisling, but then the rest of us got stuck there again… 5 days this time instead of the planned 2. Always worth it though.
  • Just arrived in Sucre, another main city of Bolivia. Apparently there were issues with turning La Paz into the capital city and Sucre remains on the judicial capital. Pretty city from what we’ve seen so far, definitely seemingly cleaner and organized than La Paz. We’re going to check out some dinosaur site tomorrow, do some cheap souvenir and gift shopping tomorrow, and who knows maybe I will even sneak off to see a museum.

Next plans – Try to stop in a few other relaxed places on the way back east before going back into Peru. On the 24th there is a huge festival in Cusco which is perfect because I wanted to visit friends there anyways. Basically my plans have changed a lot and I have’t done a lot of things I meant to do in Bolivia but I don’t mind at all because I’ve been making some great friends. Reminds me of the ones I miss from home and I can’t wait to be visiting them all wherever they are in the world later on… which in the end will happen to be quite close to me when I’m in Spain! I’m on a roll for finding myself in the company with Irish people haha.

Peru pictures were finally posted. More from Bolivia coming eventually.

Much love.


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