I made it to Bolivia! I am still traveling with the Irish ladies, plus have had the luck of meeting up with a number of volunteers from Pisco! Right now I’m in La Paz, where we seem to have become stuck for the last week. Bolivia is definitely different than everywhere else I have been. Very cheap, very poor, sad in that way but VERY touristy. Basically full of every kind of superlative possible from the deadlist road that people go bike down, spiciest curry that makes people sick in bed for a day or two afterwards, best trips into the Amazon basin, etc. We are still meeting up with friends here in La Paz so I think it will be a few more days before we get out of here. Hopefully doing the jungle/pampas trip, then possibly skipping ahead to the salt flats so I can go with these girls.

Not a whole lot to update right now… but I am alive and in Bolivia with many exciting things to come!!! Picture in a while because the internet is terrible here!


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