Short and sweet update. I have arrived in Peru!

Definitely a different world than those more developed countries in which I have been roaming. Especially where I am at the moment – Pisco. There was a terremoto, earthquake, here in 2007 and since then, a volunteer organization has been maintained here with anywhere from 50-100 volunteers at a time to help rebuild schools and houses in the communities. Not 100% certain on this history but I was told that originally a disaster relief tea came here, then Burners Without Borders (which has an entirely different interesting history related to the Burning Man Festival), and then Pisco Sin Fronteras came about into existance. PSF provides the labor through the volunteers that come here, and for those that have supplies, we work! However there are many people here who don’t have the building supplies nor can afford them, and for that PSF has the Miracle Fund. Another number I heard was that it takes $700 US to build a house for a family here… to get them out of living in a tent and into a house. SOOOO I am going to look into it more to find out how to sponsor a project, and THEN I may be asking all of you to donate to a project while I am here for the next 2 weeks! Think about it and let me know if you will be interested!

More updates on Peru and PSF in a few days or maybe next week.

Other good news is that Mark Michelman is coming to visit from Boston! Hiking Machu Picchu and going to Arequipa together! Woohoo!


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