Food and drinks

I realized I haven’t been writing enough about this subject… Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve liked so far.


  • They don’t lie about how good Argentinian steak is. It’s that good, even though they cook it as well done as it can possibly be done. Still that good.
  • Favorite dish still goes to Chile – Chorillana!! Giant plate of french fries, beef, chorizo, onion, fried egg, and of course add some aji hot sauce and I’m happy.
  • Uruguay had a version of this except completely different and more of a heart attack. Less in little pieces, all in one giant stack. Chivito – Steak, ham, bacon, cheese (love that addition obviously!), fried egg.
  • Brazil – I will get back to you on this dish I ate that I can’t remember the name of nor what the parts were called. But so good.
  • KONI – Sushi chain that exists in Brazil and NEEDS to expand to the rest of the world. Sushi… in a CONE. Looks like an ice cream cone of sushi… but it’s really just a GIANT wrap of sushi (the cone part is the seaweed). Cheap, delicious, and quick!!


  • Pisco – Chile’s liquor. Still don’t now how to explain it. Also Peru’s apparently. Best with coca-cola, Piscola, but Pisco Sour is the drink they talk about.
  • Caipirinha – Brazil’s liquor from sugarcane is cachaça (or something, sorry can’t spell) and they only mix it with mashed up lime pieces and ice and it tastes delightful. Other fruit options are available too – pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit, etc.
  • Açai or Asai?? Really can’t spell anything… But this is a non-alcoholic one. A berry from Brazil I think that they make into a smoothie like but edible concotion. Plus granola. Mmm…
  • Wine – Argentina won my heart over Chile in this department… But that said, I tried more highend wines in Argentina too haha. But nonetheless, I love a good Malbec!!!

One thought on “Food and drinks

  1. Of course I am smiling when I read this! You have always enjoyed food. A true mother’s delight in that regard and many, many others. By the way …..a little upsetting that healthy dairy products did not make the top drink list. Looking forwarding to tipping a good glass of wine with you this summer upon your “promised” return. 🙂 Love you, Mom

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