I’m in Brazil.

I haven’t updated in a while and since I’m suffering a little bit of insomnia, I figured I would take care of that.

I’ve been in Brazil since the beginning of the month. After 2 days on 5 buses, I made it to Rio de Janeiro where one of my friends I know from Boston has been living – teaching english. Stayed at his parents’ place for the week and experienced the life of cariocas. Well, sort of. It rained for the first half so it wasn’t quite the typical life, but it was nice to see a familiar face! Rio was fun, but still cities just aren’t my thing. Reconfirmed this fact once again when I left Rio and made it to a place called Paraty. A friend from Germany that I met while traveling in Argentina (love these kinds of connections) recommended it to me as her favorite place in Brazil. It was incredibly beautiful. The busride from Rio sent us twisting and turning through Brazil’s green hills with views of the ocean’s bays all along the coast. UNREAL views that I can’t properly describe but basically how you imagine Brazil. It has definitely been the greenest country I’ve been in down here. In Paraty, we took a boat out for the day to all these islands in the area, saw monkeys and a few other creatures, and swam in the Atlantic ocean like I’ve never seen it before. Turquoise and warm! The second day I took a horsebackriding trip all over the place – more views of the bay, through the backyards of farms, through the river, to a waterfall… Best trip I’ve done on a horse… and my body definitely still feels the pain.

I’ll be spending a few more days to a week in Brazil. I’m in Sao Paulo now, one of the largest cities in the world I hear… leaving tomorrow but not fully decided on where I will be going. The options are to go to Campo Grande to do a trip into the Pantanal, world’s largest wetland, or go straight to Foz do Iguaçu for the waterfalls. From there I will cross back into Argentina – and spanish world!!! Portugueseland has been painful. I never realized how much spanish I used on a daily basis, and how much security that gives me. I feel so lost in Brazil not being able to communicate more easily. It is similar in some ways but not enough.

In other news, my camera broke and will be replaced soon. What luck I have. More sad news on the Chilean front, they keep getting hit with earthquakes and strong aftershocks. It’s ridiculous… Thankfully everyone I know there continues to be safe. The perseverance of people in Chile is beautiful too… FUERZA CHILE is all over my Facebook newsfeed.

Perseverance in another form…. Great news about Uganda from the U.S. – the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act has passed through the Senate!!!! “One person makes a difference, hundreds are a movement, and together everyone can change everything.”

I’m starting to try to figure out when I’ll finally be leaving this lovely world that is South America… and thinking about what that means for my plans afterwards. I have some crazy ideas brewing per usual… More to come on that soon. I read this quote again from Paulo Coelho… love it and sharing it again. By the way, did I mention I bought a book of his in spanish that I’ve been attempting to read? Not to bad so far.

Those who seek their dream undergo difficult moments, but are happy with what they do. The occasional confusion and mistakes have nothing to do with their inability, and they are capable of smiling when they make a mistake – because they know that they will be able to correct that mistake further ahead.

Those who seek their dream have the unique ability to make people around them realize that it is worthwhile following their example and doing the same thing. That is why they will never feel alone, even if from time to time they feel misunderstood.


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