Adios Argentina, Bienvenida a Uruguay!

Farewell Argentina… for now.

Buenos Aires was a lot of fun… Some people love it, some hate it… I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t need to spend a lot more time there. Probably because I’m on a budget. If I had a job or was studying, it would be a great place to live. That is true. There are so many neighborhoods to explore, places to see in the day, and nightlife!!!

Quick rundown of my favorite parts –

  • Weekend markets… besides what I see at markets everywhere, there was a huge antiques market in historic San Telmo. If I lived there, I would go all the time to see what funky things I could find for my apartment.
  • Museo de Eva Peron – Really happy I made it there. I didn’t know much about the famous Evita, so I learned a ton. Actress/model becomes social activist eventually THE first lady?? SO interesting. As were many programs created during Perons presidency. I still don’t know enough about the political history but anytime a government is creating programs focused on homeless, education, elderly… all good things! AND the craziest part to me about Evita was after her death. Her body was preserved (same doctor as Lenin) and in a museum for a few weeks, then was STOLEN. They say by the military government. Went to Europe and was buried under a false name, eventually recovered after YEARS and returned. Insanity.
  • La Bomba del Tiempo – Monday night live percussion drumming dance party event. If I lived there, I’d go every week. My Swedish friends from the Eco park came into Buenos Aires for it as well. Also, they sell liters of beer for about $5. Not only do you get a liter, but they pour in ONE giant plastic cup. Hahaha. Hilarious.

Well those were my favorite things… There’s a lot more in Buenos Aires, and another plus for me was that I had so many friends there. People I’ve met while traveling, from the yoga park, from the teaching program in Chile… Being with familiar faces is an excellent cure for Chile-sickness. Not homesick (sorry!) but I miss Chile! I left Buenos Aires on Tuesday night… first time I have left/entered a country via boat.  We forgot we were changing countries until we had to get our passports stamped! New stamp finally besides Chile and Argentina, woo!


Obviously I have made it to Uruguay. It’s only been a few days but I don’t feel the need to be staying longer. I only had planned for about a week, and I think that is sufficient. Sorry Uruguay! But you are just too expensive!!! First stop was in Colonia, a tiny colonial town. Super tranquilo and relaxing. I stayed in a hostel and had a hilarious night out because there were so many languages being used at the same time.

The people: 1 from the USA, 1 from Canada, 1 from Switzerland, 1 from France, 2 from England.

Languages used simultaneously: English, Spanish, French, and German.

My mind nearly exploded. I even confused myself because I would realize halfway through a story that it was in French! Apparently I still have some French knowledge stashed somewhere, and some things are similar to Spanish. German… nothing still. We rented bikes to tour the city… didn’t take long because it is TINY, and then I left for Montevideo!

Montevideo is a little boring of a city. I think it doesn’t help that there’s always a million things to be done in Buenos Aires… so Montevideo is more of… a normal city. A little dirty and polluted, but there’s still lots of plazas, some parks, beautiful old architecture, and an entire neighborhood of old buildings. Not touristy… which is a huge contrast to BsAs, so I spent the entire day walking. From the little I have learned of Uruguay – Mate is way more of an addiction here. Argentines drink a lot of it socially, but most of the people I see on the street at any given time of day are drinking mate! People are nice, but I do catch the more conservative shy vibe… from my hours of walking around the streets at least. But friendly, so that’s all that matters. I felt very safe here too – I think I read somewhere that it is the 3rd safest city in all of South America? Perhaps. Upside of not having a lot of tourists… less people taking advantage of all those tourists. haha.

More to add, but that will have to be done later. I’m staying with a sweet family through couchsurfing… so friendly (I say that about everyone, don’t I?) and GREAT taste in music.

Hasta luego!


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