Eco Yoga Park

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna

Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krsna chant – huge part of the Eco Yoga Park! Had no idea but the place actually exists for devotees of Hare Krsna. So it was a surprise but interesting addition to the 2 weeks. I actually didn’t learn too much about it, and more so wish I could remember more from my Eastern Religions class because it comes from Hinduism… But a rundown of the last 2 weeks… Here is a day in the life at the Eco Yoga Park:

6:00 – Wake up and go to work in the garden (la huerta) or building a house (la casita!). The other option is to wake up for the 7:30 breakfast and start work afterwards but with the sun, it was better to start early and end early.

The garden is purely organic, so the mosquitos are HORRENDOUS and it’s a lot of work. Weeding, hoeing, plowing, picking vegetables. More on the food later. As for la casita, it’s a small house – hence the “ita” – of 2 rooms, an entrance area, and a bathroom. Ecohouse as well so while they did use wood for the floors and framework, the roof was straw, and the walls were supported by straw and a precise mixture of mud – 3 partes de tierra, 2 de tierra roja, y 1 de arena (dirt, clay and sand). This was the preferred project out of the sun and quite frankly, therapeutic. Spreading mud on walls with your hands is really fun, but at some points I felt almost OCD trying to get the wall evened out to the same level from floor to ceiling. To top it off, once the mud plastering was complete, we made a mixture of cow poop and water to paint the walls with. Apparently it’s an insecticide. (That part we did not do with our bare hands.)

11:30 or 1:00 – Stop work! And LUNCH!

I can’t even describe how delicious the food was. Everything was healthy, detoxing, and basically used the same ingredients but were somehow completely different dishes! No meat, no eggs, but milk and cheese was allowed. I think only because we bought it from the farm next door where they have cows and make 6 different kinds of cheeses!!! Chibate was with nearly every meal, lots of vegetables, sometimes rice or pasta, fruit, fresh juice, salad (sometimes overkill on the salt and oil, typical), and amazing condiments from hummus, a carrot and potato curry puré, and another yogurt like cream with basil. We also could help with cooking which was fun, and regardless we always asked how they made everything we loved. So simple with so few ingredients, yet SO DELICIOUS. Even the desserts were amazing without using eggs!! One of my last days, we were all so in love with the food that we applauded the girls who prepared it. Quickly explain what I mean by ‘the girls’ – There are probably about 6 or some girls in their young 20s that are Hare Krsna and work at the park and go to a yoga school in the town. Other than them, it’s Thakur and 17 year old going on 30 Luciano and then another guy who came later whose name I could never remember. And Maria and her husband who are Bolivian and work in the garden and on the grounds. LOVELY friendly people to the core. I will miss them all quite a lot.

Rest of the day – Relax, read, write, watch eco or feel good films or Hare Krsna info chapters.

Best part of the day. Naps and siestas frequently at first. Finally caught up on long overdue reading. The Hare Krsna videos were pretty entertaining, the acting was just quite… rough. But interestingly enough, George Harrison was a big supporter… and for entertainments purpose, the chapter about him and when the actors for The Beatles emerged… oh my. haha. Oh and I recommend 7 Years in Tibet if you haven’t seen it! Finally did and really enjoyed it.

4:00 – Musictherapy

We say music therapy but it really was the offerings in the temple and chanting/singing. Which was fun. They have the ceremonies throughout the day. 5:00 in the morning, probably sometime in the midmorning, 12:30, maybe afternoon, 4:00, 6:30… possibly more. I never got myself to the early morning one, but the 12:30 and 4:00 a few times. With the exception of one other song we learned, all of the songs are the chant I wrote at the beginning, but with different melodies. And it’s a call and response style. Instruments – charanga, a 2 sided drum not sure what it is called, a half keyboard half accordian instrument (has the extension part but you play it on the floor), and bells. Because one person is also doing the offering, one time we ended up doing all of the music part ourselves (rather than only being the response half). I realized I miss singing. 🙂 One of the girls had the most beautiful voice… I love music.

4:30 – Yoga

Of course there was yoga! From an hour to an hour and a half every day and I’d say I went all but 3 times maybe? The last 2 days I couldn’t sadly because I twisted my ankle working in the garden!!! AGAIN! I can’t stop hurting myself… I need to learn how to walk properly. But anyways… they rotated teaching so we experienced different styles and it really was just for our group of volunteers. I do enjoy yoga, it’s just hard to keep up on your own, even worse while traveling (can’t picture myself doing it in the dormitories in the hostels haha). Anyways, great success – I was able to do a headstand! Kind of. For a few seconds. haha. But that was my goal and I came close… and we’ll just say if I hadn’t twisted my ankle, I would have been even better.

6:00 – Snack

9:00 – Dinner

Then early to bed! Sundays were days off and we just participated in the yoga and meditation sessions that occurred occasionally as well. Those were less frequent than I would have liked, especially because they have this AMAZING tibetan bell. I would have liked to have meditation sessions with the bell twice a day I think. Overall, the Eco Yoga Park was a really great experience, detoxing and relaxing 2 weeks. I could have stayed longer if I wasn’t also paying to stay there. The other volunteers were also wonderful – from the US, Sweden, England, and Germany – and I may see some of them later on, and I could practice more spanish too! I learned words that I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to learn otherwise… words I only need when buildling houses from mud and working in a garden. But I also practiced a lot because I was used as a translator a lot too. So special! I also tried to learn a little Swedish and German… German was only for about 5 minutes trying to learn the alphabet and counting to 10. Don’t remember much. But Swedish I got pretty good at the alphabet… and I can respond to ‘how are you?’ and say ‘thanks.’ I want to learn so many languages… And I am crazy motivated to visit more countries… Do I see Europe in my future?? So many friends and people to visit all over now.

Now I am back in Buenos Aires for a few days. It’s going well so far – meeting up with people I know here (nice that I can do that), meeting new people in the hostel per usual, and checking out the many areas in the city. I will have to write about this Carnavalito I went to last night! But no more for now…  Off to some more ferias (markets) to look, NOT BUY, and maybe try to find some tango in the streets???


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