It’s about time for an update!

At the moment, I am in Rosario, Argentina. It’s a cozy city, with a lot of green space which I love. Trees, parks, and plazas everywhere. Also home of top soccer/football player Messi as well as the birthplace of Che Guevara. Unfortunately, the apartment that Che grew up in is closed and you really can only see the outside of the building… which looks like an outside of a building. Nothing too exciting. Rosario also has a monument for the Argentina flag which we walked over to today… in the horrendous HEAT! What I have now learned about Argentina summers is that they are DEADLY and no wonder everywhere inland is dead… because not only is it fun to go to the beaches for vacation but ES NECESARIO!! The humidity is terrible and the temperature alone reaches the upper 30s, occasionally hitting 40 degrees celsius. I believe that’s in the 90s in fahrenheit?

Before Rosario, I was in Mendoza for some excellent wining via bike, thanks to Mr. Hugo. We went to a place that also makes chocolates, olive oil condiments, and liquors… including absinthe which we were happily able to sample! Some incredible Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the other bodegas we stopped at… Many aren’t even sold in other stores, let alone abroad! It’s times like those when I wish I wasn’t just traveling and could actually buy things to bring home with me. Unfortunately, I already have too many things that I’m carrying.

Pre-Mendoza, I spent the rest of January (after summer camps) in Santiago and Pichilemu hanging out with some friends. Days at the beach, more surf lessons, a little sunburn pain, asados in cheap but cozy and nice cabaña, pool trips… all good things. And Wii!!!! Ohhh how I miss playing video games… haha.  It was a nice break from travel, as well as very difficult to leave to start the backpacking again. I clearly love to travel but sometimes I catch myself wanting to settle, unpack, and get comfortable witha place and friends. Me, settle?? How surprising! But time and money calls and I had to get out of expensive Chile!!! Luckily I was able to see the Fredes, a family I was good friends with in Mejillones, in Santiago before I left too. Definitely looking forward to extended stays in other places, hopefully including work exchange of some sort so I’m not breaking into the savings as much.

Which brings me to my next plans… I will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina tomorrow, spend a few days there meeting up with travelers and friends I’ve met since I’ve been down here, and then head to an ECO YOGA PARK to work for 2 weeks or so! For a small rate, I will have all my meals and accommodations covered, work a few hours a day in organic gardening, ecotourism, oriental art, ecobuilding, etc. as they say, and ALSO get to participate in yoga, meditation, ecological walks, and more!! I can’t even describe how excited I am, as I’m sure my mom is even more excited that I’m involved in anything yoga related haha.

I still miss people in the U.S. and Chile, but continue to meet interesting people wherever I go which encourages me to keep traveling. Here in Rosario, we are with a guy from Israel. There are a MILLION Israelis traveling, but this is I think the only time I can think of where I have met one who is actually solo. This is a generalization but I think fairly true… that even as they travel alone, they tend to meet up in large groups. Anyways, it is very common to travel after their required military service of 2-3 years. Actually being able to talk to him about what he thinks of the mandatory service and just learn more about it in general was really interesting. In short, he thinks it is really beneficial to have the experience even if it wasn’t required.

Random sidenote, I have also been meeting A LOT of Canadians!! The other group of people staying in our hostel are from Sweden. Fun facts.

Life is good. Hasta luego! Most likely after the yoga park!


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