Officially the worst blogger! Sorry.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working at English summer camps. It’s been a lot of fun working with students who are actually interested in english and for the most part have really great language skills too. If all my students in school could be like that, it’d be amazing! Their appreciation for working with them goes a long way too.

I’ve gotten pretty comfortable taking a travel break for these camps, so I am taking an extra week here in Santiago before heading on to Argentina. A few friends from where I taught will be meeting me there, but not until next Monday anyways. Itinerary line-up is crossing through central Argentina until I’m in Buenos Aires, going to Uruguay, and then either going to a few more places in Argentina or going directly to Brazil. I am undecided on Carnaval for now, but I might make it… or just visit my english teaching friend later on in March. More Argentina travel, hopefully a visit to Mejillones, and then Peru where a friend from Boston will now be meeting me to do Machu Picchu at the beginning of April!!! So those are my plans, I’m sure they will change.

Chile’s elections were yesterday… round 2… and Piñera won by a very close margin. 51%-49% with Frei. Piñera is also a multibillionaire who owns the pricey LAN airline company and some other things that make it strange that he will be president. But we’ll see. First conservative president since Pinochet. I suppose I still don’t know too much about either candidate, but Piñera ran against Bachelet before but obviously didn’t win then.. and Frei was actually the president in the past as well. Interesante!

Not much else to update. I will try to improve the blogging in the next month haha. At least there are more pictures coming soon!!!


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