Last mail requests!

Only 5 weeks left of teaching, so here is my final wishlist!!!

  • Leftover Halloween candy! A LOT so I can have a fiesta for the last week of school/my birthday! Reeses, bottlecaps, sixlets, any chocolate… sour gummi worms… anything!!!
  • Graham crackers and chocolate. Introduced smores to my friends and they loved them so I’d like to leave them with a little gift.
  • Any school supplies. Would be nice to leave some things behind for the school and other teachers.
  • Birthday necessities: funfetti cake mix and funfetti frosting. 🙂
  • Random cravings: Elf fudge cookies, Velveeta mac & cheese

It takes about 2 weeks for mail to get here and my last week is the week of Nov 15th. Remember to only send things through the post office (they have flat rate international boxes)… Fedex and UPS gets lost so don’t use those!

Loa 30
Recinto Guanalle
Casa 9
Mejillones, Region II

Thanks!!!! I will update later today on the Día de Mejillones festivities, beach camping, and upcoming vacation plans for this weekend!


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