Renewed motivation

I’ve definitely been feeling burnt out about teaching but suddenly right now I feel a renewed motivation. Why? I’m not really sure, I think I’m just in a really good mood right now, nothing wrong with that haha… so here are some things that are helping to brighten my mood.

Things I love and appreciate:

  • My Chilean friends finding me an american football so we can play on the beach. And letting and wanting me to teach them how to play. I miss football. Finally found a way to watch the games online and unfortunately had to watch the Packers lose to the Vikings.
  • My students using the english I taught them in class OUTSIDE of class when I run into them on the street! I really just realized how happy this made me when it happened today. MAYBE I am teaching them something!
  • Running into friends on the street. While in living in Chile. Just like home, but now the conversations are in spanish.
  • Being able to read and write emails in spanish.
  • Making plans for a weekend in La Serena and travels in the south after November.
  • Bringing English magazines to school and watching the students actually be excited to look at them.
  • Students stopping in my classroom to talk to me, when they aren’t there for their actual class. Students talking to me in general and being nice!!
  • Realizing I get to skip winter this year. I will miss the snow a little but definitely not the freezing cold.
  • Getting packages in the mail and having more on the way.
  • Friends from the states willing to be penpals with my students. 🙂
  • Having a 6 day weekend.

2 thoughts on “Renewed motivation

    1. Things are amazing!!! Loving it here and getting excited to travel even more… it’s definitely going to be hard to leave here though. My homestay has been so great, I’m really comfortable, and I’ve made some great friends in my town. But I do still miss you all in Boston too – Watch for some postcards soon!!!

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