I love asados! These are the late night barbeques that we continue to be invited to. Good food, company, music and of course wine! We had two this past weekend.

1. Asado with people from my school! Nice to see them outside of school, although it didn’t help me with remembering their names still. I am really terrible at names. Funny surprise was that we went to meet them at Escuela de Mejillones, the elementary school that Amber works at, and we thought we’d be led to the house nearby. Little did we know the house was attached to the school and you actually GO IN THE SCHOOL! So we had an asado in Amber’s school. This time it was different than the past asados where we sat down and ate dinner. This time, we just danced while the food was being grilled, and then ate it as it was ready! So delicious. They made some spicy pebre salsa for us too – finally some real spice! And potatoes mmmm!!!

2. Saturday’s asado was for the Universidad de Chile vs. Venezuela futbol game. Oh how watching soccer games here is similar yet so different to major sports games in the U.S. First of all, when it started, they muted the TV when the announcers were introducing Venezuela. Then when the national song started, they stood up (and had us too) with their hands on their hearts and sang! Well it’s more of a chant I think. And the whole stadium does it too. I don’t know if it’s common to stand up in homes or the people we were with just happened to do it… but that definitely doesn’t happen with the national anthem in the U.S. Watching the game was fun though, I like how I can still know what is going on in sports even though I can’t understand what the sports commentators are saying. Sadly, the game ended with a tie, 2-2 which I hate. It was a big letdown. Anyways, food was delicious too!

Other comidas I’ve been eating… a lot of fish, some shellfish, duck, chicken, steak, pork, rice, pasta, potatoes, beets, lettuce, tomatoes… and lots and lots of bread! Meals are primarily carbs and then some type of meat, with a little bit of vegetables on the side. I could really go for some more vegetables like broccoli or green beans, but I’m definitely getting my share of lettuce and tomatoes. I need to keep up on the calcium and fruit intake too. And probably skip some bread more often haha.

I’d like to try to cook or make something for my family, but I have no idea what I’d do. My cooking skills are poor, but maybe I can come up with something eventually. I was thinking of some kind of dessert, but I’ll have to find something I can make from scratch and search for ingredients haha.

Next week is Chile’s Independence Day… and I can’t wait! 2 extra days off of school and we’re heading to Calama and San Pedro, finally getting some more traveling in! I think we’re ready for a break from Mejillones too. We love our families but it definitely is a change from living alone. More to come on cultural differences next time!


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