Mi vida es comica

Quick recap – Friday there was a concert in Mejillones, so we went to check it out along with everyone that lives here, it was pretty cool but I couldn’t understand anything, so who really knows. Afterwards we tried out our first local pub, which we had been warned about… It really wasn’t that bad, just like any other dive bar. Saturday I attempted to run since I hadn’t in 2 weeks and had the 5K coming up on Sunday, then went to the beach with some students! We climbed on rocks and checked out different sea creatures – even found some starfish!!! On the way back there were these abandoned buildings of what used to be a school, so we went there too…. Wrote my name on the wall along with the hundreds of others. Except I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only Whitney around here. Saturday was also the cumpleaños of mi abuelo so we sang and presented cake at breakfast (strange timing) and then had a cena later at night with a few other friends of the family. Delicious! Afterwards, we went over to our friend’s house for the rest of the night… to return home at 5:30!!! Did I mention the 5K was at 10am? Well somehow we managed to wake up and get ready in the morning, 2 other friends from Antofagasta came out for the run too. Erica and Lester ran the 10K and the rest of us the 5K. I actually made it!!! I ran the whole way… it was tough, but I finished the race! Later Erica’s sister asked how I did (I think) but I originally thought if she asked if it was my first race, so I said yes, 1st, but then I realized that I may have said I placed first in the race, which I definitely did NOT do. Haha.

Today I went into Antofagasta for the final English debates for the region, it still impresses me how amazing these kids are at debating in English. Granted, some don’t understand everything they say and simply memorize the words and practice pronunciation, but I’m still impressed. Even with random Spanish, I wouldn’t sound good… my pronunciation is terrible. I can’t even say ¨todo¨ correctly, so who knows how many other words I say that are completely wrong. Anyways, I also was able to see my friends who were in the accident so that was good.. they are making their recoveries and have incredible spirit about it, I can’t even imagine that happening to me. I came back later than the other girls from Mejillones, and I was able to do it successfully on my own! Yay for surviving on my own!

Que mas… Interesting thing about what is considered appropriate here. Being mean or rude is just fiiiiiine. We joked that they don’t even have good translation words for either of those since it’s just part of the being. haha. But really, saying someone is fat or making fun of someone is normal. I however don’t like it when I think my students are mocking me… But I really can’t do anything about it, who knows what they say about me to my face in spanish! Also had someone make asian eyes at me from a bus window today, soooo strange. And I think someone was sneaking pictures of me on the bus too. Staring is fine, yelling things, whistling, saying random english, it’s all okay! Annoying en actualidad. Oh well. I suppose being called chinita all the time isn’t much different than in the States when a million random people ask me if I’m Chinese, Japanese, etc until they get to Korean or when they say random things to me in asian languages that I obviously don’t understand haha.

Oh, and switched rooms in my house, which reminds me that I should take pictures of the inside to share… Will do that soon, I promise! In the meantime, I put up more pictures, so you can check out the side margin for the new link.

Abrazos y besitos!


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