When in Chile

I just reread my last post of quoting Paulo Coelho and love it all over again. If you didn’t read the passage, please do immediately.

Last weekend, I spent Friday in Antofagasta applying for my identification card which I have to go back to pick up in about 2 weeks. Then I spent the night at my friend Lester’s place with another volunteer visting from Tocopilla. Lester lives with the most welcoming family! He has two grandparents that he lives with in addition to his host mother and 2 sisters, and his grandparents are amazing. We had once with them and talked for a good few hours and they were patient and helpful with our spanish. I was so comfortable in their home.  Then we went out to a discoteca south of the city with another teacher who works at my school (and lives in Antofagasta) and some other volunteers. It was a neat place, but not very many people were there so we didn’t stay long.

Saturday we came back to Mejillones and brought Lester here to visit! He stayed at Amber’s house with her family, and we took him around the town and then my host mom took us to an asada (BBQ) birthday party! Funniest part for Lester… we drove to the asada, which was about 500 feet away from my house. But it was cute, too much food, and more dancing! After the asada, around 1am, we went to our friend’s place (where the first asada was) to meet him and his friends… then go to the discoteca here in Mejillones! First time there, ohhh it was interesting! For one, there is no checking of IDs, besides the fact that the unenforced drinking age is lower anyways, so there are plenty of my high school students there too. And then, there was this random stage performance! Music was playing and people were dancing when we arrived (at 3am) and then it stopped for I don’t even know… juggling? And other little skits? Then the music started again. Strangest thing. I’m just happy we’re making more Chilean friends… and get to practice more spanish!!

Sunday was my day to lesson plan and recover from the weekend. We did some lesson planning on the beach which mainly entailed swatting away the swarm of flies that for whatever reason were ONLY by Amber and me. We went with her little sister, and did the flies bother her? No. Just the two of us foreigners. EVEN THE FLIES KNOW. We also have adopted a dog who follows us around whenever we walk in town. She also barks at everyone we pass and at random, not like we don’t already attract enough attention. Entertaining to say the least.

Classes are getting a little more difficult as I notice more how different English levels are in each class and more students are starting to show their true misbehaving colors. We’ll see how the next few months go, I’m going to make the best of it. Today I had my first English Club meeting, which is really extra practice/class for students who are interested… which are ones who I don’t have in my actual classes. If only all of my classes could have people who are interested!!! But I will appreciate having the club, at least I’ll know SOME students appreciate having me here haha.

I also am loving my tutoring sessions. We have some great conversations about my plans to travel, his family and career, differences between Chile and the U.S., and tonight we talked about fortune tellers and how goals and your attitude affect what happens in life. So interesting!

That’s about it for me. In other unfortunate news, a few of my friends here were in a truck accident over the weekend while doing some siteseeing in San Pedro. Really scary and shocking, but luckily all of them are alive and recovering. Two had minor injuries and went home fairly soon after, and 2 others were in the hospital with more serious injuries needing surgery. One surgery is done and she has gone home and the other was supposed to have surgery today or tomorrow. Her dad also flew down here from the states, so that is good that he is here for support. Hoping for a speedy recovery, I feel bad that we haven’t been able to go to the city this week to visit them in the hospital, but I also don’t know if the hours we could go would line up with visiting hours anyways. I think if we can this weekend, at least I might head down Saturday morning or afternoon to visit for a little to give them some extra company.

On a completely different note, I’m also going to run a 5K this weekend! Here in Mejillones. There is a 5K, 10K, and marathon. I’m shooting for the 5K, not setting my goals TOO high. Who would’ve thought I’d run my first 5K in Chile?

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who is sending care packages!! Really appreciate it. Today I had a craving for bagel bites and pizza rolls which I don’t think are going to be possible to ship. What a shame.


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