En route to South America

That title is only partially true since I have yet to head to the airport (in about 8 hours), but I can’t be too certain of when I’ll have internet so I wanted to at least get this blog started now that the reality is setting in that I AM going. I’ll try to keep this updated with what I’m up to in South America and include some videos and pictures when I can.

Tomorrow I head off to Santiago, Chile to begin a week-long orientation and then head to the northern Antofagasta region to teach English for 4 months. After that, my plans are up in the air but hopefully I’ll be traveling around the continent for a while. The plan: down to the glaciers and penguins of Patagonia, up through Argentina, maybe Uruguay and Paraguay, then definitely Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador… and further north if I still can go on, which really only leaves Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana. Only. Just hoping the work exchanges (and maybe couch surfing hospitality) will fall into place. So basically my goal with the start of this adventure is to make it as many places as I can, but I’m sure it can all change once I get there. 

I have an 8 hour layover in Dallas tomorrow and my cell phone will still be active then, so the last chance for a phone conversation is between 1:30pm and 8:30pm. After that, we’ll have to rely on Skype (whitney.handrich) and email (whitney.handrich@gmail.com) … or snail mail if anyone is interested – that’s always fun to receive. I’ll post my address once I know it.

Last but far from least, I just wanted to note that my friends and family are THE BEST. I know that I dream big and have lofty goals but it makes me feel less crazy when I know people are still behind me anyways. I got a package from Ana and Jodi today which made me miss Boston all over again, and I’m still waiting to open some packages from Samantha. Having an “only in case of emergency homesickness” package is such a great idea except that I really want to open it now just to know what it is!! At least I have the one to open in the airport (I assumed you meant for me to open it on my way to Chile, not to Wisconsin).

I have a few hours of an online Spanish course to finish up, so this will be it for now!

Until Chile…. Adios!!


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